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Александр Росляков. Оправдывая террориста, она хотела заработать популярность, а не срок. Увы... Кирилл Рогов. Как будет обнулено «путинское обнуление» С Публициста снята незаконная блокировка «за распространение свободы слова в особо крупных размерах» Про «цап-царап» при Сталине и при Путине Эль Мюрид. Первый из чиновной братии против Путина пошел Александр Росляков. Российский мираж: о Путине как о покойнике – хорошо или ничего

За книгу про Ковид на месяц забанили на Фейсбуке

  • За книгу про Ковид забанили на Фейсбуке

    On the evolution of reflection the refags of course repay exceed zerefs. High reflection is needed to anticipate the antics of wild zerefs. Refags sought always to please. First of all, to like their product. To be bought.
    If you remove the rod in the middle among the zerefs, all the zerefs will fight again with each other. For zerefs, it is important who is the first and who is the second. It is immediately clear that the core of the zerefs is in the hierarchy. If you eliminate the existing traditional elite, the zeref will immediately start a civil war on the type of tribal slaughter. Yet again, will not appear the another traditional elite.
    If you approach the problem of the third monster from the position of grassroots status of zeremids. Then of course the zeremids as the next evolutionary branch of the tradition will simply fall on his knees before traders. It experience inferiority complexes. In fact only feudal lords could express contempt to refags. Those who came after the feudal lords did not have either nobility or intelligence, under the mind we certainly see the reflection. How people with lower reflection can dominate up people with higher reflection? It’s impossible. This is why the modern elites, who emerged as a result of democratic and especially socialist revolutions, are so fond of corruption, and therefore very much like money.
    Of course, the feudal elites would not have been able to resist the third monster. Among the feudal elites, there are not so many super people so far. But still, a breed is a breed. For example, a poor person who was in need will put food and prosperity first. An oligarch who was born in a poor family can nibble crackers under a blanket at night, although he has plenty of the most expensive and high-quality food. Before us is a real zeremids loop. What is it? This is a quick adaptation of people of a certain type and behavior to the existing system. Only the zeremids adapt to the surrounding circumstances and are in an eternal search for a new master. Of course, the noble elite can always be killed. Feudal lords because of this and killed that they became weak. But those who replaced the feudal lords were even weaker. Yes, the zeremids are executive, the zeremids are quiet, the zeremids always exemplary and diligent, all fanatics in the world — is also zeremids. The palette and the size of zeremids hypocrisy are huge. The zeremids always adapt to the circumstances as hares get skins for the season. They only need any ideology because for their food and their career. Whether they are in the system of a religious denomination or in the Executive apparatus of a dictator, even if they are on the stock exchange, their diligence is really without of idea. They always did and still do.
    When you see masses of people voluntarily going into isolation in their homes. Do you think they respect their elite? Which in turn has always shown that it does not respect them, but respects money. In any case, zerefs are always characterized by self-discipline. Tell them to lie down — they lie, tell them to stand up — they stand. Discipline in their blood. You just see a traditional world with a very young elite in terms of reflection. Only zerefs seek and always find the strongest side. And they worship to it.